Working from Home

The COVID-19 government lockdown has meant that thousands of workers have been forced to work from home, but at the end of lockdown restrictions, will they all return to the office?

In the situation post lockdown, we think that there will be a huge increase of workers outside of the office environment across the UK, with many businesses allowing employees to work flexibly from home and some possibly shutting their offices completely.

In addition, workers returning to the office have experienced a different style of work management from their own homes and may have ideas for change when they return to the office environment. Having adapted and coped in an extreme situation our expectations will understandably be different and working practises may be forced to adapt. Below are some of our thoughts on both working remotely and/or from the office.

Our homes are an area we have made to suit our needs, be it comfort, coffee machines or the smell of your nice new candle. In our own environment, as long as we structure ourselves, we can be so much more inspired and productive at home.

An excellent article to help you organise a well-structured plan to implement for home working is Leigh Hamman’s – ‘How to work from home’ on LinkedIn.


So, after being in our perfect little working environment at home why should we have to go back to the unproductive bland workspace that is the office? Offices can do much to make themselves inspiring and more inviting and I believe we will see this in many changes. An example of this could be changing the office colour pallet to something less bland, and altering the layout to a more welcoming and comfortable space.

Our property management division of Outside the Box will be working with clients to help create their perfect working area, with advice on design and space management. In addition, we can assist with technology allowing you to have virtual meetings and presentations, project management apps, off site access and managing many more portable devices. We can assist businesses getting set up for the future and allowing employees to be more flexible with their working locations.

Ask yourself now, what do you want from your workspace when you return to work?

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