• Up to 100m / 330ft wireless range

  • Built-in DECT transmitter

  • Wireless charging

  • Two microphone channels

  • Customisable cover

Best for: education, all-hands meetings, video conference and recording

From £579.00

(including VAT)

Catchbox Plus is a wireless microphone system featuring the Catchbox throwable microphone and Presenter Mic, for use in meetings, lectures and events with up to 1000 participants. The throwable mic features Automute™ and is powered by the Wireless Charger. Capture and record audio from two mics simultaneously via analog (balanced + unbalanced) and digital (USB) audio signals. Catchbox Plus operates in the 1.8/1.9 GHz licence-free (DECT) radio band.


Improve learning outcomes by using Catchbox wireless microphone solution. Capture and increase student engagement. 


Share the energy of your meetings with your colleagues. Create a team routine and allow all participants to communicate with ease.  

Video Conference

Easily connect Catchbox with your current room audio and computer setup to transform any video session. 

Link Catchbox to all major platforms with USB.