• Replaceable batteries

  • Customisable cover

Requires a belt pack transmitter 

Best for: large events, conferences and Q&A sessions

From £359.00

(including VAT)

Catchbox Mod converts any wireless beltpack transmitter into a Catchbox throwable microphone for audience engagement. Catchbox Mod comes with an integrated professional microphone element and features Automute™   technology, which automatically mutes the Catchbox when in motion. Specially designed adapter cables ensure full compatibility with transmitters from all major wireless microphone brands.


A live or streamed event, webinar or presentation Catchbox will allow you to connect to your audiences. 


Take charge of your conference, be herd, stand out and allow your audience to hear every word.


No more mic cables or queues for Q&A. Simply pass the Catchbox to the next speaker, no matter where they are in the room.


Activates your audience

Break down barriers to participation by turning Q&A sessions into an energizing back-and-forth between speaker and audience.


Works with your tech

Catchbox integrates with all leading AV solutions, allowing you to transform your tech into the ultimate audience engagement tool.


Maximises exposure

Place your branding at the heart of every conversation. Customize your Catchbox with a logo and colors to make your event memorable.