5 ways to keep your tribe together when working remotely – using one of our products the Catchbox

For many companies around the world, remote work has quickly become the new normal. Whilst it might be nice to have a reduced commute of bed-to-couch and back, working from home is not always easy.

One of the hardest things about working remotely is trying to keep hold of the connections you have with your colleagues. Coffee-break chats, lunchtime gossip and intense table-tennis tournaments are things we usually take for granted when at the office. When working from home however, you might find it more difficult to feel like you’re part of a team.

Maintaining a sense of belonging is crucial for anyone managing remote team members. Here are a couple of great ways any organization can ensure their remote employees feel part of the tribe and remain engaged with their work, no matter where they are.

#1 Create a team-routine.

Scheduled events are a great way to bring everyone together and can even become a kind-of ritual for your company. Nowadays, there’s no reason you can’t keep things going even when people are away from the office. Whether it’s an all-hands meeting, monthly report or brainstorm session - set up a video call and involve your remote team members. This is also a great way to keep every team member on the right track when it comes to company goals and targets.

#2 Embrace face-to-face. Encourage your team to make video calls with one another, even when just for a quick update or question. Chatting this way is much more personal than sending an email or instant message. What’s more, face-to-face meetings make it easier to ensure everyone understands what’s expected and so colleagues stay on the same page.

#3 Write down the important stuff

Make sure nothing gets lost in private conversations or secret chat channels. Be sure to have weekly emails or have a dedicated channel on an internal chat for important announcements and company

developments. This will help remote employees stay up to date and also provide reassurance that they are not ‘out-of-the-loop’ when it comes to company developments

#4 Give regular feedback​. Checking in with your team and providing feedback not only keeps things moving but can also provide remote colleagues with a sense that their work is being recognised. Schedule 1-on-1 meetings and don’t be afraid to offer or ask for help from remote team members. You can also take some time to talk over non-work issues and ask how things are going more generally.

#5 Boost your brand visibility Like sports teams, colleges and clubs, your brand is something for people to rally around and feel proud to be a part of. This applies to remote team members just as much as anyone else! Using ​Catchbox in your video conferencing setup is a great way to place your brand at the heart of every call or remote meeting. The Microphone’s soft cover is completely customizable, allowing you to add company colours and logos to each of the four sides. Whether it’s a quick catchup with a colleague or company-wide video all-hands, Catchbox puts your brand identity in the picture.

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